Eunoia: Making Events More Memorable by PrepDavao

Eunoia: Making Events More Memorable by PrepDavao

Coming home from Filipino weddings, christenings, and other events always meant bringing a token of appreciation from the hosts. Back in the days, figurines and ref magnets were extremely popular giveaway choices. These little trinkets are usually displayed in living room shelves and cabinets like trophies from all the parties that a family was able to attend.

Nowadays, events are becoming livelier with creative themes and unique souvenirs. And it’s not just the event planners pushing it! Plenty of celebrants are ditching the figurines and ref magnets for souvenirs that are actually functional and more memorable. This is what prompted Aila Bautista, the owner of Souvenir Buffet by Eunoia, to supply natural, organic, and proudly Pinoy souvenirs to parties and events.

Souvenirs that tickle the senses
Eunoia aims to provide custom-themed souvenirs that remind the guests of the fun they had even after the party has long ended. Additionally, they made sure that these tokens are purely organic and pleasing to the senses. Thus, Eunoia’s wide range of bath, body, face, and home products were developed. It later proved to be a hit among events, with orders from celebrities and famous personalities.

Freedom to personalize
Unlike generic giveaways that guests won’t find any use for, Eunoia’s souvenirs are personalized by the guests themselves. They have coin purses, string pouches, and tote bags that can be monogrammed on-the-spot with the guest’s initials. There are also ball caps and mugs that can be printed on-the-spot as well. This way, the guests can still use the souvenirs anywhere they go, even on regular days.

Eunoia also creates bespoke souvenirs that specifically fit the theme of an event. For a client’s baby shower, they opted to give their guests organic baby bath essentials. Another client gave her guests shimmering lip tints and body mists for her 18th birthday celebration. Instead of common giveaways, clients can choose to give memorabilia that fit their personalities and suit the event’s theme.

Giving back to the community
Perhaps one of the best things about Eunoia is their passion for giving back to the community. Aila, the owner, used to earn money for herself when she was still in college. She started Eunoia as a young mom who struggled to make ends meet. Now, she wants to help other people who are also struggling financially through her enterprise.

Every package that clients avail from Eunoia helps out working students and mothers who are employed under her. Some proceeds are also donated to foundations and charities that are close to Aila’s heart. So aside from the wonderful souvenirs that the guests will take home, the clients will rest with a happy heart knowing that they have helped people through Eunoia.

Coming soon to Mindanao
In partnership with PREP, Eunoia will be available in select cities in Mindanao. Soon, we will be able to bring this fun and unique way to make your events more memorable. If you have an upcoming corporate event or private event and you’d want a beeline for these beautiful souvenirs – just like our dear celebrities— email us for a FREE quote at

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